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"For in conclusion after much deliberation, I have found out this Arte, from the which onely dependeth the knowledge of all that which a man may performe with a weapon in his hand, and not onely with those weapons which are found out in these our dayes, but also with those that shall be invented in time to come..." -Giacomo Di Grassi of Modena, 1570

There is a common misconception in modern culture that “martial arts” is an Asian phenomenon, invented by fast and deadly samurai and Shaolin monks, while ancient Europeans fought each other with cumbersome weapons and artless brutality. Nothing could be further from the truth. In the past two decades we have come to learn that Renaissance Europeans left behind the most well documented martial arts tradition in the history of the planet; a tradition based on careful analysis, timeless principles, moral underpinnings, and deadly purpose. The Association for Renaissance Martial Arts has been a key driver of this revival of European martial traditions since its beginning, and we invite you to join us on our journey of discovery.

“Martial arts,” in fact, is a European term in use since at least the early 1500s meaning “the arts of Mars,” the Roman god of war. In a time known as the Rebirth of Classical civilization, it was the perfect term to describe the highly systematized methods of fighting that had been developing in Europe for hundreds of years. …continued