Classwork & Worksheets

Listed below are worksheets and links we will be using in class to study the sources. Please print them if necessary and bring a copy with you to class. New worksheets will be added regularly as new study segments begin.

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April 2020

Exercises to stay in shape during the Plague:


October 2017

Manual: Fiore de’i Liberi (Dagger)

June 2016

Comicpalooza (UPDATED): Longsword Class Notes, Rapier Class Notes, Dagger Class Notes

Feb.-March 2015

Manual: Opera Nova by Antonio Manciolino, 1531
Notes: Diagram of Second Assalto Excerpt

May 2014

Manual: His True Arte of Defence by Giacomo Di Grassi, 1594 English translation
Notes: Single Sword Outline, Sword & Dagger Outline

Comicpalooza: Longsword Class Notes, Rapier Class Notes, Dagger Class Notes

March 2014

Manuals: Fiore de’i Liberi and Filippo Vadi

Dec. 2013

Manual: MS I.33 (Sword & Buckler – Wiktenauer translation)

Oct. 2013

Reading List: Schools and Masters of Fence from the Middle Ages to the Eighteenth Century – by Egerton Castle (Google Books)
(Purchase on Amazon)

Aug. 2013

Manual: Johannes Georgius Bruchius – Of the Single Rapier (1671) – Reformatted version of the 2009 translation by Reinier van Noort with images arranged for greater convenience. For the original 2009 English translation (text only), click here. For the original 1671 Dutch printing, click here.

Jan. – Feb. 2013